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About us

Airgungurus was formed in January 2014 when we decided to pull together well-known airgunners in a place where they could give advice to other airgunners and to establish a place for like minded people to discuss all things airgun. We started off as a forum and then moved on to social media pages and then a website. Over the years things have changed and we have become a community of friends and friendly and helpful advice is now the norm. We have had many successful AGG meets and competitions and our members form firm friendships outwith our internet presence and we have changed from on online presence to a real life band of airgunners who take part in all sorts of airgun related and social activities.

We are proud to have industry experts on our social media pages and these include airgun writers and editors, Shooting association directors, gun and stock designers and more importantly airgunners. We are glad to have you here. Welcome to airgungurus, welcome home.