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REVIEW: Brocock Bantam – new buddy bottle Compatto PCP

Published on 03 Oct 2019 / In General Airguns

British air rifle maker, Brocock has added a brand new model to its Compatto PCP range – the Bantam. Its compact semi-bullpup action sports a buddy bottle to massively increase its shot count, and Nigel Allen puts the carbon fiber HiLite version to a comprehensive AirgunTV test… which includes a sound meter test of the optional Huggett air rifle silencer.

With a high power muzzle energy up to 30 foot pounds, the Brocock Bantam is also available with a 400cc and 500cc aluminium buddy bottle, and there are two wood stock options, Soft Touch and beech, each with an adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad.

The Bantam is lightweight and compact with a three-way power adjuster; ideal for hunting, general pest control and target shooting. Bolt-action and recoilless, the new Brocock multishot runs an all-metal 10-shot rotary magazine, and comes complete with a Lothar Walther shrouded barrel. All but the highest power .25 calibre variants also run the (Steve) Harper patent Slingshot hammer and valve system which improves air efficiency by eliminating hammer bounce.

For more information on this dynamic little pellet gun, check out the manufacturer’s website:

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